40Alu. Tea Selection. Kew Gardens Beyond the Leaf

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Packaging: 40 x 2 g.
40Alu. Tea Selection. Kew Gardens Beyond the Leaf

Can't choose between our 4 delicious blends? Then why not try our teabag selection which has Majestic Breakfast, Splendid Ceylon, Elegant Earl Grey and Garden Afternoon in convenient teabag format.

This collaboration combines four generations of tea knowledge with the beauty and heritage of Kew Gardens. With our Beyond the Leaf range, we are inviting you to experience something more than just tea. Take a sip and enjoy the result of years we have spent perfecting classic blends. Meanwhile, take some time to appreciate the beauty of nature and the plants that make this all possible. 

Pause, make a brew and savour the moment.

Majestic Breakfast: Black tea

Splendid Ceylon: Black tea

Elegant Earl Grey: Black tea, Bergamot flavouring

Garden Afternoon: Light bergamot flavouring

Majestic Breakfast: Sri Lanka, Assam, Kenya

Splendid Ceylon: Sri Lanka

Elegant Earl Grey: Malawi, Kenya

Garden Afternoon: Kenya, Assam, Sri Lanka

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