20 Alu. Cold Brew. Herbal. Watermelon & Mint.

Short code: 2177
Full code: 054881021777
Packaging: 20 x 2 g .
20 Alu. Cold Brew. Herbal. Watermelon & Mint.

There are few things as refreshingly thirst-quenching as ripe juicy watermelon and sweet spearmint. That’s why we’ve combined the two in our Watermelon & Mint Cold Brew teabags. So say goodbye to drinking dull tap water! This iconic summery fruit is the perfect way to make your water sing with excitement.

• Easy to brew in just five minutes without the need to boil water
• Teabags can be added to bottled water to enjoy on-the-go
• A refreshing drink to enjoy, especially on hot summer days
• A healthy product, which is both caffeine and sugar-free

• No artificial flavourings or colourings

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