20 Alu. Cold Brew. Black. Peach & Passion.

Short code: 1508
Full code: 054881015080
Packaging: 20 x 2 g
20 Alu. Cold Brew. Black. Peach & Passion.

Our Peach & Passion Fruit Cold Brew is the easy way to keep happily hydrated. When steeped with cold water, it makes for a crisp and mellow infusion to leave you feeling refreshed and revived. Real peach and passion fruit pieces enhance the tea with ripe, sunny fruit flavours. The peach and tropical passion fruit create an infusion that’s exquisitely fruity and cleansing, with the sweet scent of exotic climes.

• Easy to brew in just five minutes without the need to boil water
• Teabags can be added to bottled water to enjoy on-the-go
• A refreshing drink to enjoy, especially on hot summer days
• A healthy product, which is both caffeine and sugar-free

• No artificial flavourings or colourings

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