20 Alu. Cold Brew. Green. Mango & Lychee.

Short code: 1830
Full code: 054881 01830 2
Packaging: 20 x 2 g .
20 Alu. Cold Brew. Green. Mango & Lychee.

Gentle Chinese green teas are combined with the unique floral flavour of lychee and the sweetness of mango to create an exotic, serene and refreshing blend. Real pieces of mango and lychee fruits create an authentic flavour experience. With its playful edge and exotic aroma, this is a revitalising iced green tea to leave you feeling calmed and refreshed in no time.

• Easy to brew in just five minutes without the need to boil water
• Teabags can be added to bottled water to enjoy on-the-go
• A refreshing drink to enjoy, especially on hot summer days
• A healthy product, which is both caffeine and sugar-free

• No artificial flavourings or colourings

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