20 Alu. Cold Brew. Green. Lemon & Mint.

Short code: 1829
Full code: 0 54881 01829 6
Packaging: 20 x 2 g
20 Alu. Cold Brew. Green. Lemon & Mint.

Lemon & Mint Cold Brew combines the naturally refreshing flavours of grassy green tea, zesty lemon and sweet mint to deliver a ready-to-brew iced tea. It’s easy-peasy, with no-need for lemon squeezy – just add one teabag to a mug, glass or bottle with cold water. You’ll enjoy a refreshing glass of hydration, infused with a cleansing touch of citrus-mint sunshine.

• Easy to brew in just five minutes without the need to boil water
• Teabags can be added to bottled water to enjoy on-the-go
• A refreshing drink to enjoy, especially on hot summer days
• A healthy product, which is both caffeine and sugar-free

• No artificial flavourings or colourings

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